About The Initiative

Antaran is an initiative of Tata trust aimed at empowering and developing remote handloom clusters of india and the livelihood of the Communities. Antaran a craft-Based livelihood programme, is end to end model strives to transform six pilot weaving clusters by creating enterpreneur led microentrerprises across each element of the value chain. The key focus areas ensure that the artisan learn the tricks of the trade and are directly connected to potential buyers. Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop is now associated with these weavers, so they can reach a global audience through our platform. We aim to generate more interest in the traditional crafts which will help them survive, while also opening up a world of possibilities & sustainable career options for younger generations interested in the field.
Craft & Artisan

Gopalpur, Odisha
The village of Gopalpur acts as one of the leading producers of Tussar in the country, and the second-largest in the world. Obtained from an exquisite, locally-sighted moth aka The Emperor Moth, this ‘wild silk’ is extremely lustrous and its porosity makes it apt for warm climates. With shiny, circular embellishments and wings that have a unique texture, this giant moth is responsible for the golden traces in the yarn.
Chatarbhuj Das
A folk song singer and a weaver with over 15 years of experience, Chaturbhuj aspires to create a unique collection that reflects the real flavour of Gopalpur and the importance of Konark Temple in his culture. He handcrafts special handspun tussar ghicha fabrics.
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Maniabandha, Odisha
Single Weft Ikat
Maniabandha champions the Single Weft Ikat weave and is renowned for its sarees. The region also holds mythological significance along with a longstanding history and expertise in the fine weave. The unique Ikat from the village is meticulously tied and dyed with the ‘Bandha’ technique, and the final result is more than just a textile - it’s a carefully crafted story and the entire production process tells the tale of the quaint village.
Abir Pal
Traditions have been the guiding force for Abir Pal of Maniabandha, Odisha & his venture ‘Daalee’, which celebrates them with each and every piece of handwoven textile. His vision is to eventually have 10 looms in a few years from now so that he can work with more people in the community.
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Dimapur, Nagaland
Loin Loom Weaving
Not a textile, but a device used to weave cloth, the loin loom from Nagaland is highly innovative and one of the oldest. It brings together mind, body, and art by means of a continuous warp stretched between two parallel bamboos with one end tied to a post or door and the other held by a strap worn around the weaver’s lower back in order to regulate the tension with her body. While it is a strenuous process, the resulting fabric is unique, intricate and cultural.
Vekuvolu Dozo
Vekuvolu Dozo from Nagaland has been weaving on a loin loom for over 11 years now, and feels inspired by the most unusually beautiful things which reflect in her work. In terms of rare colour combinations and the motifs derived from old memories, she believes in keeping her designs simple and nostalgic.
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