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Priyanka Modi
Priyanka Modi is the founder and creative director at AMPM. She is a full-time designer and mother, and is inspired by art and immersive experiences. Having been a believer in the paradox “less is more” from the very beginning, she founded AMPM 20 years ago as a brand that was unusually understated yet effortlessly elegant. “I have truly come to believe that if you create something from your core, something undiluted, something inspiring, it is bound to find the right audience”, shared the designer.
New Delhi, India
28th April 1977
Founding date/year of the brand
How did your career begin?
AMPM was launched in the year 2002. For almost two decades, AMPM has constantly reinterpreted the Modern Indian aesthetic through their timeless design language and effortless, feminine silhouettes. Since the inception of AMPM, Priyanka has always been a strong advocate of “less is more”. For her, it has always been about consciously infusing versatility and durability in each product that the brand makes, ensuring that once you choose an AMPM outfit, you not only invest in a garment but also invest in a lifestyle that emulates these values.
A Brief introduction about your brand/label?
AMPM provides an effortless sort of luxury, one that doesn’t inhibit or restrict but enables to go on about life and move the world a little with a sense of quiet confidence. Each AMPM piece tells a story that is inimitable. Art is the leitmotif of all AMPM collections. Every season, the brand draws inspiration from varied art and craft forms from India and around the world and balances them alongside recurring themes of wildlife, pottery and architecture. Filtered through AMPM’s artistic lens and following a thorough design process, the reinterpretation of these indigenous artworks and techniques make a signature AMPM creation truly unique.
Celebrities in AMPM
Vidya Balan, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Kajol and more.
Awards & Accolades
Elle Style Awards in 2011 and 2012, ‘Most Popular Designer Award’ at the India Fashion Forum in 2016.
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