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Kashvi Kocher
Kashvi Kocher, Founder of Shop Fusio is a freelance graphic designer.
18th August 1991
Educational Qualification
BA (Hons) Design Communication; Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning
After graduating from LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore, Kashvi imbibed her foresight, passion and creativity and branched-out into Brass and Silver Jewelry Manufacturing in 2016 and launched her brand, Fusio, in 2019.
Fusio as a label
Fusio turns ordinary into extraordinary. The brand translates everything from daily lives and communicates the same via the creation of exquisite, unique jewellery. The brand believes that art is something that transcends borders and cultures and that magic happens when we amalgamate different art forms & cultures, and people realize it and appreciate it when they see it. At Fusio, they believe in creating that magic every single day! Whether it is by fusing contemporary jewellery forms with traditional jewellery forms or by fusing European art designs with Mughal art designs. Whether it is by fusing the nuanced handwork from rural areas and the more methodical work from urban centres or by fusing unconventional materials like fabric with conventional materials like brass and silver. At Fusio, the ordinary parts are fused with one another to create something magical and extraordinary!
One person living or dead you would like to dress.
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