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Midushi Bajoria
The designer believes that Indian textile is extremely rich and speaks volume about the Indian heritage and culture. She wants to showcase its value and at the same time revive its identity.
21st May 1991
Educational Qualifications
B.A Fashion Design
Founding date/year of the brand
How did your career begin?
Midushi knew since class 8th that she wanted to pursue fashion. Post schooling, she dropped a year to do a course to crack the fashion colleges. She did internships with Swapan and Seema and Sabyasachi Mukherjee after college. She then decided to launch her own eponymous label.
A Brief introduction about your brand/label?
Midushi Bajoria is a luxury brand making chic and modern Indian wear and Western Wear. The brand believes in ‘Clothes for All’. Midushi feels that Indian craftsmanship/artisans should be uplifted in any possible manner. She wants to bring all Indian textiles to the forefront with her collections.
One person living/dead you’d like to dress?
Deepika Padukone and Oprah Winfrey
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