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Shivangi Bajpai
Brought up in Nairobi, Kenya, Shivangi was always very close to wildlife and had numerous opportunities to become a passionate wildlife photographer. Shivangi is an animal lover and foster mom to two orphaned baby elephants & a mare, and has a pet golden retriever.
6th September 1994
Educational Qualification
Textile Design from N.I.F.T
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
After being a part of the Indian design industry for over 4 years, she found a way to combine her profession with her passion and do something good for the animals and environment as a whole by introducing the concept of 'meaningful fashion'.
MixMitti aims at bringing you an exclusive range of high-end lifestyle accessory products, hand crafted by skilled artisans. It aims at creating awareness towards animals and their endangered status with the help of photography and craft. An endearing aspect of the brand is the idea of crafting quality, cruelty-free products with a constant endeavor to build a platform for ethical buying, while not compromising on the style statement, stemming from the opinion that fashion doesn't need to bleed. A major portion of the profits go to animal welfare trusts.
Highlighted Collection
MARASERIES - It showcased photographs from the Great Masai Mara
Celebrities in Mixmitti
Farah Khan Kunder, Radhika Madan
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