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One thing that is very crucial to Rippii is ensuring she balances her time with family and time spent at work well enough to give both the right amount of attention. What helps the designer through thick and thin is taking care of her health. “I feel health is the most valuable asset we have. So I like to start my day by working out as it puts me in the right headspace for everything. And I follow it up with the correct food habits and sleeping schedule to help me achieve the personal and business goals I have set for myself!” says Rippii.
5th December 1973
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
Fashion was something that Rippii always had a keen interest in. Looking at her husband's garment export business, as well as travelling with him to several buyers is what helped her see the process behind all the glamour. According to her, given these factors, having her own fashion line was inevitable since everything drove her towards it.
RS by Rippii Sethi
The RS Label takes pride in giving stylish women fashion solutions to all their wardrobe desires under one roof - daily street-style silhouettes, 9-to-5 outfits, elegant evening wear and colourful Indian attire with room for expansion. The label is known for its exceptional fabric quality, detailed cuts and dazzling embellishments. Additionally, this is all available at the right price making the customers come back for more.
Highlighted Collections
The Bling Collection
One person living/dead you’d like to dress?
Frida Kahlo
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