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Ruchira Nangalia
An avid reader and a firm believer in the art of storytelling through not just words but various other mediums too, Ruchira Nangalia is a designer hailing from the culture-rich city of Jaipur. Her fascination with the world of fashion finally took a turn for good when she made the move from her hometown to the metro city Delhi. Her mother’s vivid collection of sarees held her captive since childhood, and in her leisure time, she would try to drape those sarees around her or her younger sister. These happy memories led her to take a strong liking towards fashion and the way the industry functions globally.
29th January 1989
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
“While pursuing a Masters course in Commerce and studying for IAS, I realised that it didn’t feel right to me. I was already a designer to my friends and family, and they loved my creations. Designing and styling was something that I always enjoyed and related to. I took up an internship at Wills India Fashion Week under designer Samant Chauhan and quickly realised that my stint with fashion was not a fling I could easily get over. It required commitment, and I gave into it at last,” the designer muses. Coming back to her hometown, she explored the entire clothing market and realised the inherent potential that hand embroiders and dyers in Jaipur held. This resulted in the establishment of her eponymous design house Nangalia Ruchira.
Nangalia Ruchira
Nangalia Ruchira, Jaipur started its work in 2013 with a workforce of 20 people. With fine, detailed embroidery, dresses by the label were sold to the designer’s friends, relatives, a friend of friends, etc. The network kept growing. This is when they opened a boutique/studio in Jaipur. The label reflects the culture of Rajasthan and blocks printing techniques with vivid detail and hand-dyed styles.
Tell us briefly about your breakthrough collection or your favourite collections.
The ‘Bralet Top’ from our ‘Pakhi’ collection is a strappy blouse made of organic cotton. It is hand-printed with Pakhi booti, i.e a bird motif, reiterating the concept of freedom. Moreover, the blouse embodying the vintage “Chintz Print” is juxtaposed with modern thread embroidery of floral patterns. The design has been a favourite among people and was also worn by Indian actress Mouni Roy.
Celebrities you've dressed and what they wore
Asha Negi, Mouni Roy, Lakshmi Manchu, Karishma Tanna, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, Sana Khan and Mugda Ghodse.
One person living/dead you’d like to dress.
Sonam Kapoor