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Kittu Khosla
Born in Varanasi, Kittu Khosla is a fine arts graduate from Banaras Hindu University. Her approach to clothing is much like her art. An eye with which she sees fashion is distinctive, she treats dressmaking as her canvas.
18th August 1963
Educational Qualification
B.A. Fine Arts
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
Kittu Khosla’s background in Fine Arts coupled with her cultural influences due to growing up in Varanasi gave her an inimitable perspective. From her hometown, she then made a move to New Delhi where she was exposed to new avenues. Kittu went from being an experienced painter to a design enthusiast, later delving into fashion and launching Ruhmahsa.
The brand believes in timeless elegance and rustic exuberant creations. It is craft-based and adorns a rich cultural heritage that does not follow a particular fashion trend but strives to go beyond it. The ethos of the brand lies in intricate embroidery detail. Ruhmahsa is a label for the women of substance.
One person living/dead you’d like to dress?
Deepika Padukone