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As an individual, Amit Sachdeva has always been very pragmatic in his approach. He always goes by the famous quote - "Imagination is more important than knowledge," by Albert Einstein. Although, his ultra practical approach never stood in the way of his creativity. Amit loves to cook & healthy food is his forte. He also likes to grow as much as possible in his kitchen garden.
19th July 1981
Educational Qualification
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
Amit Sachdeva worked at an export house after completing his Textile Design course from Pearl Academy of Fashion. 4 years later, he started his company doing job work for exporters. With all the experience he gained in those few years, he launched his own label.
Amit Sachdeva Studio
A commitment to the astonishing, a dedication to exquisiteness and an undying passion for creation; this is the emblem that outlines the character traits of the label. It is known for its unbridled luxury and its edgy style. The designer’s skills as a textile designer have always served as motivation for creating unique fabrics. The designs are melded with western notions of cut, construct and finish, by using Indian detailing and craftsmanship.
Celebrities in Amit Sachdeva Studio
Tanisha Mukherjee, Sana Khan.
Awards & Accolades
Best Debut Designer - Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, 2016 Most Popular Designer - Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop 2017
One person living/dead you’d like to dress?
Anne Hathaway