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Ajiesh Oberoi
From an early age, Ajiesh Oberoi was drawn to textiles and design, fostering a passion that would shape his career. A globetrotter at heart, Ajiesh finds inspiration in his travels, constantly seeking new adventures and experiences. Despite his love for exploration, he prefers not to keep pets, allowing him the freedom to indulge in his wanderlust. His collections are a testament to his diverse influences, showcasing a unique blend of cultural motifs and contemporary styles.
3rd July 1977
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The Beginning…
Ajiesh Oberoi's journey into fashion design was deeply rooted in his upbringing in Delhi, a city steeped in rich cultural heritage. Inspired by the intricate details of Indian heritage and ancient architecture, Ajiesh embarked on a path that would blend tradition with modern aesthetics. His early years were marked by a fascination with textiles and design, a passion that eventually led him to pursue a career in the fashion world. Despite his love for exploration and travel, Ajiesh drew inspiration from his Indian roots, incorporating elements of traditional craftsmanship into his designs. As he honed his skills, Ajiesh's creations began to reflect a unique blend of cultural motifs and contemporary styles, setting him apart in the competitive world of fashion. His career continues evolving, with each collection paying homage to his deep love for Indian heritage and ancient architecture.
Ajiesh Oberoi as a Label
Ajiesh Oberoi’s label celebrates the rich artisanal heritage of Indian handicrafts, reflected in its scintillating occasion wear styles. Inspired by a deep love for traditional craftsmanship, the label’s designs fuse luscious handloom textiles with regional embroideries to create pieces that embody a contemporary Indian aesthetic. Each creation is a testament to the label's commitment to preserving the beauty of Indian handicrafts. The brand’s collections are a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and modern sensibilities, offering a unique and captivating take on Indian fashion. The brand stands as a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship, captivating the hearts of those who appreciate the timeless allure of Indian textiles and embroideries.
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