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Vina Ahuja
Vina, the designer and founder of Akashi, lived in Chennai for most of her childhood. She moved to Mumbai after her marriage and is an ardent plant lover! She loves gardening, and everything ‘home’. She’s also very fond of lifestyle products and fashion!
15th August 1963
Educational Qualification
Interior Design
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
Vina Ahuja started out with home textiles, and is now best known for her extensive knowhow of textiles and fashion. Squaring off her penchant in both these fields, she brought Akashi to life and it has come to be a present-day phenomenon backed by profound proficiency.
Constantly on a journey of exploring and rediscovering India, you will find Akashi right at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. Alongside which, we bring about contemporary aesthetics while always making an honest effort towards sustainability. The label aims to be one that shares experiences as opposed to one that simply delivers a piece of clothing. It is this love and zeal that it looks to translate through their creations. Foraying into discovering India with a whole new perspective, Akashi is looking to encourage the woman of today to do the same. The India of 2019, is a time and place where we can confidently breathe life into tales of empowerment and diversity across women of all sizes and shapes with no bar on which walk of life they are in currently. The brand creates easy wear clothing, supporting the cottage industries of India, thereby encouraging the traditional techniques beautifully presented on contemporary silhouettes.
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Deepika Padukone
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