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Yehuda Bitton
Yehuda Bitton, an Israel-based designer, is renowned in the Indian fashion industry for his work. Since 1990, he has been making high-quality clothes that are distinguishable by their bright pastel colours and intricate designs. One of Yehuda's most recognisable styles has been the flowy floor-length gown with an inner corset, unique skirts decorated with intricate details, and simple yet attention-grabbing and elegant styles.
Founding year of label:
The Beginning…
In 1990, Yehuda started his journey in the fashion industry by opening his first fashion house with his wife and sister. From a small boutique in Zefat, the capital of the Galilee region in Israel, Yehuda made his original creations available alongside special evening wear from other local businesses. As the years passed, the fashion house grew, and the boutique started to feature only Yehuda's designs. In 2006, Yehuda and his sister Sarah travelled to India to explore fabrics and designs. As a result, they collaborated with embroidery companies that designed unique textiles customised for them.
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Hina Khan, Sunny Leone
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