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Vicky Suri, Vinayak Suri & Pooja Syal
Vicky Suri has a background of 40 years in the field of apparels export. He loves orchids and is an avid reader. Vinayak Suri is a graduate in MBSc, a voiceover artist and now, a designer. He can copy voices of famous personalities like Winston Churchill, Morgan Freeman, etc. Pooja Syal is a former Jet Airways Airhostess, and worked in the role for a decade. She also ran a small boutique for 2 years under her own name. She loves travelling, and is known to never take ‘No’ for an answer!
New Delhi
Vicky: 2nd March 1956; Vinayak: 10th August 1991; Pooja: 7th November 1987
Educational Qualification
Vicky: C.A. & Eco. Honours; Vinayak: MBSc; Pooja: MBA
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
Linen Bloom was launched on 1st May 2019 with its debut collection Fiori, which was a big hit and was accepted immediately by 25 best multi-designer stores across India and 4 international stores in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. After this, the label launched 2 more collections within a span of 6 months named Fiesta & Frio.
Linen Bloom
Based out of New Delhi in India, Linen Bloom has paved the way towards creating an identity for itself in sustainability. The label’s collections Fiori, Fiesta & Frio have been a major hit in India and also internationally. The collections comprised clothing made from natural linen and the silhouettes were extremely soft & easy-breezy!
Highlighted Collection
Fiori - the label’s 1st collection.
One person living/dead you’d like to dress?
Deepika Padukone
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