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Pankaj Soni
Pankaj's journey stands out as a remarkable testament to what can be accomplished with unwavering determination and passion. Embarking on his path at the young age of 21, he fearlessly entered the field of Apparel Manufacturing and Design despite lacking a formal degree or prior knowledge. His goal was to encourage others to break free from their comfort zones. Pankaj earned recognition and accolades along this journey, further igniting his passion for fashion and textiles.
1st June 1993
Educational Qualification:
Post Graduate in Corporate Entrepreneurship
Founding year of label:
The Beginning…
Despite needing a formal education or knowledge about the field, Pankaj Soni entered the field of Apparel Manufacturing and Design. The designer refined his skills in blending creativity, functionality, and commercial viability, ultimately leading to the success of his brand, 'P.S Pankaj Soni.' His ongoing narrative continues to inspire, illustrating the transformative power of pursuing dreams and transforming them into tangible reality.
P.S Pankaj Soni as a label
P.S Pankaj Soni - The Label is an internationally acclaimed luxury menswear brand that seamlessly combines Indian and modern couture. Known for exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched creativity, the brand offers diverse designs, including ready-to-wear, Indian wear, casual, semi-casual, formal, and party wear, catering to men of all ages and body types. With unique and effortless silhouettes, the label embodies the ultimate luxury. It embraces and promotes culture, art, creativity, vision, and resourcefulness globally. The brand has successfully expanded its presence in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai.
Celebrities in P.S Pankaj Soni
Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonu Sood, Sonu Nigam, Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Armaan Malik, and more.
P.S Pankaj Soni X Outro, P.S Pankaj Soni X Pernias, P.S Pankaj Soni X Ginny Weds Sunny [Movie]
Awards & Accolades
Best International Iconic Designer Award Youngest fashion designer at Global Business Award 2019
A famous personality you’d like to dress?
Tom Cruise
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