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Saaksha & Kinni
Saaksha & Kinni hail from different backgrounds, but their knack for creativity led them in the same direction. Saaksha was raised in Manchester and favoured minimalistic silhouettes; Kinni, on the other hand, grew up in India and had a strong appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. With an eye for untapped potential, the pair fused Saaksha's minimal design sensibility with Kinni's eight-year experience designing embroidery swatches for fashion houses such as Balmain, Elie Saab, and Armani to come up with their label.
Educational Qualification
Saaksha Parekh - LLB Kinnari Kamat (Kinni) - National Institute Of Fashion Technology
Founding date/year of the brand
How did your career begin?
The label was founded with the vision to fill the gap in the market for contemporary clothing with traditional influences. As a result, the label began offering a beautiful blend of traditional prints, easy silhouettes, and micro-pleating.
A Brief introduction about your brand/label?
With traditional elements infused into new-age silhouettes, Saaksha & Kinni cater to the needs of global women. Designed with a modern design sensibility while staying true to tradition, the label is known for creating stylish occasion wear that is comfortable, stylish, and impactful.
Celebrities in Saaksha & Kinni
Janhvi Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Sobhita Dhulipala
Brand Collaborations
Tencel at Lakme 2022
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