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Shikha & Srishti
With compatible ethos and virtues Shikha and Srishti believe in living a well balanced life. With a love for fashion the two indulge in music and dance. When not dabbling with designs the two are found organising community welfare programs.
Shikha - 20th February 1979 ; Srishti - 28th August 1981
Founding date/year of the brand
How did your career begin?
What started as a hobby for the pastime, soon designing became a passion for Shikha and Srishti. From starting their work by hiring a local tailor to having a team of authentic & highly skilled craftsmen, the brand has come a long way! Without a degree in design or fashion, the two have taken the industry like a whirlwind with a loyal customer base nationally and overseas.
A Brief introduction about your brand/label?
Shikha & Srishti’s line of eponymous clothing is all about elegance and romance in fusion and formal clothing. It is fresh, young and wearable. In a short span of time the label has grown organically and made its presence felt in the retail space. From beautiful signature embroideries to impeccable tailoring, each garment is thoughtfully handcrafted using the most luxurious fabrics like Silk, Organza, and Fine Tulle.
Celebrities in Shikha & Srishti
Chitrangada Singh
Tell us briefly about your favorite collections
Ek Gaatha - Couture collection inspired by Mughal motifs
One person living/dead you’d like to dress?
Alia Bhatt
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