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The Indian Prêt Paradigm

Embark on an unparalleled journey through our First Look's Apr-Jun 2024 summer issue, where each page beckons you to embrace the vibrancy of Indian ready-to-wear, celebrating its ingenuity and artistry. Our cover star, the iconic Ujjwala Raut, sets the stage for an enchanting display of effervescent hues, daring patterns, flowing contours, and compelling narratives in our cover feature, A Celebration of Sultry Summer Prêt. Delve into history as we journey with our muse, Vartika Singh, to uncover the rich heritage of hand-block printing, a craft that traversed the realms of the Indian subcontinent, adorned royalty, and now graces global runways. As you read along, immerse yourself in the world of lavish summer gatherings, drawing inspiration for your next soirée from our decor shoot pages. Furthermore, plunge into the artistic genius of renowned designers - 431-88 by Shweta Kapur, One Not Two, Linen Bloom, Mrunalini Rao, SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi, and Antar-Agni. Gain insights into their creative process, new collections, and sustainable fashion practices as they continue to shape the future of the prêt segment. Dive into the latest trends, from dopamine dressing to the reigning hue of the year - peach fuzz, the bow trend, the charm of K-beauty, and the resurgence of traditional Indian textiles dominating runways and wardrobes alike! Concluding this edition, our travel section transports you into the lap of luxury, guiding you to serene locales to rejuvenate body and soul.

A Chronicle of Couture & Celebration

Step into the opulent world of First Look's Jan-Mar 2024 issue, where modern elegance takes centre stage, defining a celebration of style. Coveted cover stars, supermodels Dayena Erappa and Lakshmi Rana, illuminate the Twin Souls cover story with looks exuding sophistication. The prêt shoot, Blooming Colours, becomes a symphony of vibrant colours, featuring silhouettes from design luminaries like Limerick, Rahul Mishra, Rajdeep Ranawat, and Varun Bahl. The party shoot, Glamour Galore, dazzles with glamorous cocktail ensembles, spotlighting designers Gaurav Gupta, Rahul Mishra, and Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna. Furthermore, dive into the finesse of couture through insightful tête-à-têtes with designers Payal Singhal, Abhinav Mishra, Arjan Dugal, Gopi Vaid, and Charu Parashar. Witness their creative genius as the pages unfurl with their latest collections, a testament to their creative prowess and impeccable craftsmanship. Read through the historic collaboration - Wendell Rodricks x Amit Aggarwal - an exclusive partnership that pays tribute to the late prodigy and embodies norm-defying craftsmanship. Witness the grandeur of show-stopping arrivals in new-age wedding menswear, with designers Amit Aggarwal, Rohit Bal, and Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna redefining the essence of menswear wedding faashion. Immerse in the beauty story, Cocktails & Contours, where vintage glam harmonizes seamlessly with the contemporary allure of cocktail soirées. Concluding this celebratory issue, the travel section whisks you away to dreamy summer weddings at exclusive global destinations, curated for the tasteful couple. Welcome to an extravaganza of elegance, where each page is a revelation of style and celebration.

An Ode to Modern Indian Celebrations

Step into a world of modern opulence and grandeur as we pay homage to the splendour of contemporary Indian celebrations. Explore the essence of luxury, style, and festive grandiosity in the October - December 2023 issue of First Look Magazine. For our cover story, we delve into the transformative realm of couture, where dynamic design is changing the landscape of Indian fashion. We shine a spotlight on 'Wedding Wows By Elnaaz Norouzi,' a scintillating collaboration between the transcontinental star and India's premier luxury destination, Pernia's Pop-Up Shop. Our cover star and actress, Elnaaz Norouzi graces these pages adorned in a stunning array of creations from the elite roster of Indian designers, such as Tarun Tahiliani, Amit Aggarwal, Abhinav Mishra and more. In an engaging tête-à-tête, Elnaaz candidly shares her affection for family, her globetrotting adventures, and her trusted skin care mantras. Flip through the pages and embark on a couture journey through exclusive interviews with luminaries Shantanu and Nikhil, Dolly J, and Nupur Kanoi as they share their insights and inspirations, offering a glimpse into the world of high fashion. For the modern bride, our beauty section stands out, with avant-garde and statement-making looks that redefine bridal aesthetics. Read on to discover a comprehensive guide to elevating your festive abode with regal decor accents, adding a touch of opulence to your celebrations. But that's not all; we have a special treat in store. Dive into the pages to uncover an exclusive, exciting and latest venture of Pernia's Pop-Up Shop — Pernia's Pop-Up Shop. Home, a dedicated space for luxury decor and living, where elegance meets homely comfort. To round up the festive issue, our travel section ends on an indulgent note with a lowdown of the world’s most regal vacation destinations that will make you pack your bags right away! This issue is a celebration of innovation, luxury, and the spirit of the festive season. Get ready to be inspired and captivated by the dynamic designs and extraordinary creativity that define the Indian festive aesthetics of today.

The New Indian Fashionscape

First Look magazine's July-September 2023 issue is all about change, both in our wardrobes and viewpoint. It chronicles an exciting time for Indian fashion, which stands at the epicentre of innovation with its inimitable inventiveness & promising prospects. Although, what reigns supreme amid the slew of ever-changing trends is the saree — a prized mainstay and unending source of inspiration for master couturiers. Revered Bollywood actor and icon Madhuri Dixit, known to epitomise the eternal appeal of the six yards, is this issue's breathtaking cover star. A true icon of elegance, she embodies a noble queen as she dons new-age iterations of the glorious silhouette against a heritage-rich backdrop depicting aristocratic & architectural excellence. Delve into her take on the drape, as well as the evolving design industry with our cover story, and uncover reimagined facets of the saree. Parallelly spotlighting menswear and what the new boys are loving, this issue also celebrates a niche that has remained untapped until recently and is now at the forefront, with labels welcoming the demands of the current age: bright colours, experimental designs, and extra edge. Notably, originality and imagination take centre stage, through House of Hazoorilal's coveted bridal jewellery steeped in both cultural & worldly sensibilities, and a special collaboration entailing Mette's artisanal cakes that transcend the ordinary. Keep flipping for a full report on 'Ode To Wendell', a first-of-its-kind exhibit of late designer Wendell Rodricks' iconic archival designs on account of his 63rd birth anniversary this year, headlined by the who's who of the industry and true admirers of his work. All in all, a metaphoric breath of fresh air awaits you in these pages, and if that incites a desire to travel to a faraway land for a more literal actualisation of the phrase, fall back on our carefully-curated holiday bucket list with over 30 incredible destinations, all weaving unforgettable experiences!

Indian Couture’s Global Identity

Indian couture has gone global and how. Indian Couture 2.0 has been an ongoing journey shaped by shifting consumer sentiments and evolving marketplaces as well as a reimagining of traditional crafts. Showcasing a New India, which is inclusive and wears its identity at the intersections of technological interventions and new-age cultural sensibilities, Indian couture stamps its symbolism of heritage crafts, artisanal talent and age-old techniques in a new lexicon of functionality, sharpness and sexiness. We dive into how Rahul Mishra’s ‘Cosmos’ stamped its maximalist signature at Paris Haute Couture Week Spring-Summer 2023. As Gaurav Gupta marks his debut at the Paris Haute Couture 2023 showcase with ‘Shunya’, the couturier deconstructs the craft and cosmos-inspired nuances of his edgy outfits. Alongside, read our interviews with the queen of collabs—designer Jayanti Reddy, who is celebrating her first-ever collaboration with luxury Italian high jeweller, Bvlgari, wherein the collection embraces a riot of colours and celebrates the psyche of the evolved Indian dresser, and designer Renu Oberoi of Renu Oberoi Luxury Jewellery as the brand celebrates its outing at the London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2023. Read our feature on couture-esque costume jewellery in sync with the easy-going yet creative code at summer destination weddings. Do not miss our interview with Prerna Rajpal of Amaris by Prerna Rajpal as the jewellery designer recommends vacation-worthy baubles and shares tips on how to ace the statement look. Our cover star, actor Mrunal Thakur is a powerhouse of talent and a believer of fuss-free beauty, feel-good fashion and fun-filled fitness for a healthy body, mind and soul. As the Sita Ramam actor slips into minimalist looks, she shares her views on living the good life with authenticity and confidence. As we celebrate fashion, do not miss our special coverage of the return of FDCI India Menswear Weekend in Goa to be held annually from this year. Head to our Travel section for the perfect digital-detox getaways. Last but not least, we take a look at Anavila’s Dabu collection, where mud plays the muse of the designer known for her signature linen saris and sustainability.

Rooting for Prints, Shimmer and Hope

The summer shopping extravaganza just got hotter when Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop unveiled its biggest luxury retail destination at the iconic location of Indian Handicrafts Emporium in New Delhi in November 2022. Browse through our red-hot January-March 2023 issue to get all the updates about the launch of this 50,000 sq-ft experience centre, inaugurated by none other than Bollywood screen legend, Madhuri Dixit. Catch the sizzling red avatar of the pan-Indian actor, Tamannaah Bhatia, popularly known as Tamannaah, as our cover star gives sexy a new momentum. The Baahubali-fame actor shares some of her favourite fashion hacks and style secrets in a candid interview. Encapsulating the spirit of summer, this issue dives deep into some of India’s rich textile trails, as noted brands including Swati & Sunaina and Ekaya Banaras take us through their tales of innovation. We also travel to the heart of textile innovation in the Northeast. For worshippers of velvet and lovers of period dramas, this issue tells you how couturiers and costume designers have been reinterpreting the paradigm with modern twists. Last but not least, designer Anand Bhushan tells us how 2023 is set to celebrate a ‘return to beauty’ in a post-pandemic world. Mirroring this hope is our fashion editorial ‘Printed Maximalism’, an unapologetic ode to revelries in couture. For a dash of wanderlust, turn to our listicle on some of India’s majestic palatial getaways.

A Couture Odyssey

The October-December digital edition of First Look magazine is a curation of the best of couture. We celebrate the magic of Bollywood superstar, Madhuri Dixit. ‘Six Yards By Madhuri Dixit’ marks the actor's unique collaboration with India’s standout luxury platform, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. The collection features a stunning curation of 'superhit' saris selected by Dixit herself. Discover the icon's enduring love for saris and Indian culture as she gives some fashion tips for all-weather styling. Our feature on saris dives deep into the evolving landscape of the classic drape and its hybrid renditions appealing to the sensibilities of a younger generation. Catch our in-depth interviews with couturiers Sahil Kochhar, Punit Balana and Shantanu Goenka. We also pay an ode to the fantastical world of Falguni Shane Peacock. Talking about fantasy, our fashion editorial brings together offbeat moods of couture set in a lush, vividly imagined world. Turn to our selection of trending jewellery and wardrobe picks for festive occasions. If your idea of rejuvenation is to merge luxury with love, turn to our selection of some of the world's coveted fashion destinations offering the best of retail and beauty.

The Rainbow Lining

If you loved Vaani Kapoor in Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, chances are you will fall in love with this summer-special cover of First Look as we embrace sunshine and cheer in a spectrum of shades, silhouettes and style statements. The Bollywood actor, who earned appreciation for her portrayal of a trans woman in the Abhishek Kapoor directorial, is going to be seen in the period film Shamshera. The actor shared her fitness and beauty mantra as well as fond memories of growing up with us in a heartwarming chat. This edition celebrates Pride in an editorial bringing together an eclectic collective with diverse representation of individuals from across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. The shoot is also a nod to body positivity and edgy makeup. We affirm our allyship with Pride beyond June. In another fashion editorial, five famous personalities come together in creations by homegrown online brand Dash and Dot. The founder, Ashray Gujral tells us about the born-during-pandemic brand's evolving journey, workwear aesthetic and gender-fluid clothing. We believe fashion has to represent intersectional gender and sexual identities and mirror evovling conversations and sentiments. So, inclusion is as much the reigning flavour of fashion as it is the towering ethos of creators and changemakers. Delve into the in-depth interviews with veteran designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh and Rimzim Dadu, whose design language (and saris) is charged with the power of cord, steel and wire. Our fashion feature on the key summer bridal trends and influences and a feature on some of the watches we loved at Baselworld Watch Fair 2022 are the other shining stories in a rainbow-hued report card.

The Fabulousness of Being

Celebrate the spirit of summer with this edition of First Look presenting freshly minted inspiration for style that believes in self-expression. Take a look at our labour of love — a gallery of curated looks set to unleash a new era of fearless fashion, one that pays an ode to the individual quest for freedom and happiness. In sync with this overarching theme we have none other than actor Radhika Apte on the cover — the trailblazer who is keen to pursue quality over quantity — who is embracing films and life with warmth, one character at a time. While we believe the future belongs to women, the April issue of First Look is also a men's special. Take a look at the creative fashion mood boards where acclaimed designers Rahul Mishra and Varun Bahl come together with their muses influencer Siddharth Batra and actor Saqib Saleem, respectively. Take a moment to hit the pause button as you step inside their world of art, imagination and couture. We bring our idea of what's creating ripples in men’s fashion in an editorial unveiling some future-ready looks. Don't miss our obvious love for geometry, which we believe is the new darling of menswear. Finally, course through our selection of offbeat destinations around the world offering a wide range of activities for adventure enthusiasts as well as lovers. A special conversation with fashion designer Adarsh Makharia of Osaa by Adarsh will help you understand the world of influencer brides. Here's to being fabulous with fashion that's feisty and unapologetic.


Hitting its second chapter, the Jan-March issue of First Look unveils ultra-bold, experimental and rule-breaking looks in eclectic fashion shoots across India. Trust the healing touch of blue and green to serve as the soothing mood board of couture through spring and summer. Take a turn to embrace the powerhouse of silhouettes, shapes and sensibilities in sleeveless sweaters and pink for men to cutout dresses and more. Head for a dramatic escape with a scintillating spread of shimmer in moody metallics. This power-packed edition brings you the freshest looks of the season urging you to break the boundaries of conventional dressing and navigate the new, evolving world with the confidence and ease of who you are. To celebrate this power of individuality, do read our special interviews with veteran designers Anamika Khanna and the duo, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, delving into the new-age nuances in fashion, especially in the space of menswear with the latter. Don't miss our in-depth feature on what it means to slay in Indian wear that's cool, trendy and yet rooted - all woven in a sensual language of global Indianness. And the one where we tell you what's to love in costume jewellery and why it's here to stay.

Befitting the spirit of new and now is our forever fresh cover girl, the feisty diva Malaika Arora. As Malaika gives us some smoking hot fashion inspiration in a breathtaking array of couture and shares her mantra of beauty, love and entrepreneurship, you can't help but adopt her infectious spirit of shattering stereotypes. Last but not the least, there's some food and the feels in beautiful restaurants around the world.

Here's to happy 'look'ing!


The inaugural issue of First Look by Purple Style Labs celebrates the spirit of rejuvenation in a post-pandemic world. A niche and integrated lifestyle, couture and travel magazine, First Look marks new beginnings in the fashion and luxury space with a fresh lease of stories. As we tide over the disruptions caused by the pandemic, First Look promises to be a trusted companion and confidante for the new-age fashion consumer who is navigating both the retail and digital landscape of fashion. In sync with that, the master of couture, Manish Malhotra and millennial trailblazer and actor Ananya Panday create an array of India-inspired looks complete with a Gen-Z vibe at The Leela Palace, Udaipur.

Our theme of this is Muse India — we are hopeful about a fashion and travel rebound — as we delve into handwoven saris screaming the modern Indian identity, textiles that tell stories in an enriching interview with the founder of Raw Mango, Sanjay Garg, a feature on the new Wendell Rodricks store in Mumbai and more. Do not miss our fashion shoot that juxtaposes the country’s top 16 couturiers’ creations against Kashmir’s enchanting backdrops. From insights into the modern mangalsutra, to outdoor inspiration for your next getaway, there’s a lot to create new memories and beyond.


Amidst this lockdown and global pandemic, our cover star Diana Penty infuses a minimal essence to summer dressing and emphasises on living a wholesome, happy life and the importance of being content. Making the best of a bad situation, tough times like these inspire positive change and shake us out of our comfort zones to think differently. Sharbendu De’s visual tribute to the Lisu people of Arunachal Pradesh is one such story that discards the colonial gaze of representing tribes in a primitive manner, but sheds light on their thoughts and dreams instead of exoticising their bodies and costumes. Our opinion piece, Winds of Change talks about how the Fashion Industry will rise to the occasion and move towards making better choices towards the future. On a lighter note, we have a fun cocktail quiz with recipes you can recreate in the comfort of your homes.


2020 brings a fresh start, a new hope and a lot of changes. We’re kickstarting the year on a high note with our cover star Pooja Hegde celebrating the success of her film while talking about the importance of hard work and versatility as an actor. Last year also saw our first International flagship store in London’s a Grosvenor Road. The A-list shines a spotlight on some of the finest designers our London store has to offer. Apart from this, Architects of the Future celebrates the changemakers, young men and women from various walks of life who will shape the coming decade by breaking stereotypes and following their hearts to inspire change. We end this edition with a heartwarming photo essay by Chandana Puttalingaia where she takes us down the memory lane exploring the art of making pickles with her grandmother. Happy reading and we hope you have a fabulous year ahead!


Our cover girl, Athiya Shetty opens up about entering and embracing the film industry, following in her father's footsteps and reminisces about growing up as a cinema loving star kid. From featuring some of the most talented Indian actors talking about the vulnerabilities and rewards of ageing, to paying a tribute to the entertainers who've put together some of the best culinary, musical and cultural experiences in 2019; here's a look back at all the things that made this year an unforgettable one.


Cover Star Rakulpreet Singh unfurls her journey in Bollywood and gives us a peek into her life as an actor and an individual. From lensing a story about the last lone survivors on planet earth, quizzing five exciting actors about switching mediums to asking a group of young artists about what our constitutional right to speech means to them today, we exercise our freedom to reflect on ideas of experimentation and transformation.


Our effervescent cover star Kalki Koechlin talks about past roles, upcoming projects, and leaves us with nuggets of advice of how to be our truest selves. In between asking six creatives to choose a coveted piece of garment from their wardrobes, to challenging Indian illustrators to create a self-portrait and inviting the game changers in the beauty industry to give us a peek at a look that defines them — we dig deep into our own definitions of our identities.


From cover girls Monica Dogra and Shibani Dandekar giving us friendship goals and redefining indie fashion to fun ways to drape the sari, this issue talks about everything from sustainability to the Indian fashion ecosystem. We put a spotlight on eclectic Menswear as well as the Spring/Summer edition of Pernia's Pop-up Show amongst other things.


This one's a special one with none other than one of Bollywood's favourite leading ladies, Sonakshi Sinha as our cover girl. Showcasing the best in bling, we have the sensuous Sobhita Dhulipala adorning jewels that will add that glam quotient to all your outfits, a detailed Autumn/ Winter trend report and much more.


Our very first print issue is the inculcation of the best in Indian fashion and trends for the season. From an exclusive interview with Shruti Haasan to the ethereal Dia Mirza showcasing the season's hottest beauty trends, this issue will satisfy all your sartorial needs with each flip.