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White Glass Dome and Marble Base by Kaksh studio
White Glass Dome and Marble Base by Kaksh studio

White Glass Dome and Marble Base

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The glass dome and marble base are the best combinations for those who love baking and decorating. When you serve your homemade cake on this, no one will be able to take their eyes off how you presented what you made. Of course, the cake you baked is delicious, but the presentation also is a bonus. A perfect center of attraction if you are thinking of throwing a birthday, anniversary, or success party. Other than for homely use, caterers also use these items to display cupcakes and pastries at events or weddings. This is the best option if you love having all kinds of serveware in your kitchen. Also, it can be a decorative item on the table with fruits or any other object inside it. Anyone looking at this will appreciate it and ask where you bought it from.




  • Composition: Marble, Glass.
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Weight (Grams): 1000
  • Size (Centimeter) :: 23 : 2.5 (Base), 20 : 9 (Dome)
  • Volumetric weight: 1500
  • Care: As this is a combination of glass and marble, you must keep it carefully. Also, cleaning it is effortless and will take a little of your time. You can wash them with water and pat them dry with a cloth.


This product will be shipped to you after 1-2 weeks from the date of order placed. All custom made orders are not returnable.


  • This product will be exclusively handcrafted for you, making the colour/texture/pattern slightly vary from the image shown, due to multiple artisan-led techniques and processes involved.


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