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Niharika Choudhary
Educational Qualification
NIFT, New Delhi
Founding year of label:
The Beginning…
Niharika Choudhary’s career started when she participated in a design contest at NIFT, demonstrating her creativity in designing handicraft products. The competition's success instilled in her passion, which led her to organise a successful product exhibition on Basant Panchami, a day symbolising hope and new beginnings. In 2015, she launched Peeli Dori after receiving positive feedback for her work.
Label Niharika Choudhary
A brand that beautifully merges the essence of urban living with its rural roots, Peeli Dori narrates the story of the Indian raw aesthetic and contemporary lifestyle. Peeli Dori strives to redefine the way of life through its core principles of raw, classy, sustainable, and organic living. At Peeli Dori, each product is a story waiting to be told, inspired by the diverse and colourful narratives found in every corner of India. By connecting age-old Indian crafts with modern aesthetics, Peeli Dori produces handmade designs embodying Indian culture in the present-day context. With a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly production, Peeli Dori ensures that each creation is not merely a product but a conscious step towards a more environmentally friendly and mindful lifestyle.
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