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Geeta Sangra
Founded in 2017 by Geeta Sangra, Zevar by Geeta is a dynamic jewellery label offering bespoke and majestic pieces. Geeta’s liking towards jewellery goes way back, along with her interest in clothing and furnishings. Being an army wife, Geeta had the opportunity to constantly travel all over India to different states and cities. This enabled her to widen her horizons and also absorb new experiences and cultural values, eventually inculcating the same in her designs.
New Delhi
19th February, 1959
Founding date/year of the brand
The beginning…
What started as an attempt to design fine jewellery for herself and her daughter, later actualized into her true calling of being a jewellery designer as she learned the art along the way. She then teamed up with her son Karan Sangra and ventured into designing and making artificial jewellery for a wider audience. As the trends kept changing, so did the designs. This is when the label - which specialises in stunning artificial jewellery - was introduced to the masses.
Zevar by Geeta
The label’s expertise is in the amalgamation of unique design and skillful craft processes, resulting in stand-out creations that are absolute charmers! Each product is hallmarked and certified. Zevar by Geeta is classy yet affordable and caters to women who crave a perfect blend of style, sophistication and personalization.The pieces are maximalist with a cross-culture aesthetic rooted deeply in traditional Indian culture. The silver jewellery range is in sterling silver, hallmarked at 92.5 purity and the gold jewellery range is hallmarked too. From Mathapatti, Passa, Maangtikka, Haath Phools and Naths to Chaadbaalis, Hoops, Chokers and Jhumkis - there is something for everyone!
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